About the Trips

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About the Trips

Before any day trip takes place there will be significant contact between the child’s carers and the trip organiser to make sure we have everything in place for the child to be safe and have the most fun. Helpers are vetted and trained to ensure we have the best volunteers to look after the children.

9:20am Volunteers Arrive

Our volunteers arrive early, get a detailed information pack on the child they will be looking after for the day and a briefing on the days activities

10am Children Arrive

The Children arrive and the carers and child meet their dedicated 1-1 helper for the day. This is an opportunity for the helper and carer to discuss the child’s requirements and answer any questions.

10am – 5:30pm

Activities may include theme park and cinema trips, zoo or aquarium visits, creative workshops, swimming, bouncy castles, organised visits from the fire brigade and Armed Forces, magic and talent shows, discos and many more. The trips also allow for quieter, more relaxed moments. Children might choose board games, arts and crafts.

5:30pm Collection

We will let you know whats been going on during the day and answer any questions.


Helpers have a debrief to discuss any challenges from the day, what worked well, what can be improved- to make sure the next trip is even better.